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Bennett Construction LTD provides construction services to meet the infrastructure needs of municipalities and private developers. This includes the installation and construction of water distribution systems, sewer treatment, collection and pumping systems.

Our approach to construction includes:

  • Project management expertise through the use of state-of-the-art scheduling
  • Cost-effective design solutions
  • New technology in  construction practices
  • A commitment to safety awareness
  • A focus on quality assurance and client satisfaction
  • Proactive efforts toward construction education and training
  • Environmental awareness and regulatory compliance
  • The use of partnering, proper risk allocation, and alternative dispute resolution methods in each construction project
  • Open and frequent communications throughout the duration of a construction project.
We offer a full range of underground utility construction services and have years of experience. As a premier underground utility contracting firm, Bennett Construction LTD constantly strives to provide customers with the best materials, workmanship, and service at a competitive price.

In addition to traditional construction methods, Bennett Construction LTD is a full service trenchless contractor. Trenchless construction methods are able to install or replace service lines and mains with limited surface disruption. This means that roadways, landscaping, driveways and sidewalks can be left undisturbed or require minimal restoration in most situations.

Bennett Construction LTD provides construction services for cities, municipalities, sewer districts, utility contractors and others.

Traditional Construction Services:

  •     Utility Excavation
  •     Auger Boring Holes
  •     Lift Stations
  •     Trenching
  •     Hydro Excavation
  •     Rock Hammering

Trenchless Construction Services:

  •     Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  •     Lining
  •     Pipe Bursting
  •     Pipe Ramming
  •     Piercing Services
  •     Pipe Fusion
  •     Pipe Reaming
  •     Sewer Cleaning/Jetting Services
  •     Small Diameter Video Inspection

Specialized Services:

  •     Vertical Augering
  •     Wet Taps
  •     Manhole Coring
  •     Seeding & Hydro Seeding
  •     Sewer Televising
  •     Sewer Cleaning & Jetting
  •     Truck Hauling- Heavy Equipment, Dump Truck


  •     Water Main and Service Installation
  •     Water Main Repair
  •     Gate Valve Installation
  •     Water Main Testing
  •     Backflow Preventor Testing


  •     New Main Installation
  •     Inlet Installation
  •     Main and Inlet Repair
  •     Inspections


  •     New Sewer Main and Service Installation
  •     Sewer Main Repair (Gravity or Pressure)
  •     Sewer Main Air Testing
  •     Manhole Vacuum Testing
  •     Manhole Inspections and Repair

Sewer Line Maintenance

  •     Flow Monitoring
  •     Pressure / Vacuum Testing
  •     Manholes Jetting / Cleaning
  •     Video (CCTV)
  •     Aries Camera Equiptment
  •     Vacuum of Debris / Sludge
  •     Smoke Testing
  •     Root Control
  •     Confined Space Entry
  •     GIS / GPS Mapping
  •     Submittal of Reports

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